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I have been an Elan Visa credit card customer since 1992! I continuously have to ask for a lower APR..

well they have helped a bit by lowering my rate for periods of like 2-5 months at time, which does help a little. But, I feel as a 26 year excellent standing customer, they should give me a very low interest rate indefinitely and raise my limit so that I don't have to have 4 other credit card accounts with even higher APR's. I should be a VIP for Elan Visa! I should not have to keep asking for help..

my history shows my perfect status with Visa. I may just pay this card off and drop them, but i love my VISA Elan Credit status!

but i may have to sacrifice this card.

I bank with a credit union and working with them, so keeping my fingers crossed that they work with me on a low APR high credit limit card so i can have just the one credit card from here on out! Shrug

Reason of review: Elan does not value 26 year customer.

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You probably do love you're 26 year card status, but they don't seem to appreciate long time, deoted customers, or they would give you a permanent devoted customers or they would permanently reduce you're interest rate. I had my own problems with Elan, but totally stopped using they;re services, amd happy to have nothing to do with them.

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